I review mostly Young Adult and a few Middle Grade and New Adult. I read Fantasy and some Dystopian/Sci-fi, Thrillers, Mysteries, and Supernatural. I am willing to read some mild Horror (I don’t enjoy gore, and the people in those tend to be pretty stupid), but no zombies.

I don’t read classics, vampire books, Historical Fiction, strong Romance, or LBGT.

If you want to send me a book to review, I accept paperbacks, hardback, and Kindle books.I will try to review it within two months. You can also request me to review a book or series, but I make no promises to when that will be done.

I use the five-star rating system. One star – Hate it, two stars – Didn’t like it, three stars – liked it, four stars – Really liked it, and five stars – Loved it. I may give half stars as well.

You can go to Contact Me to get in touch.