8 Ways I’m Similar to INTJ stereotypes

Since I already wrote a post about how I’m not like INTJ stereotypes, now I’m writing how I am like other INTJs.

Note: This is not meant to be offensive to anyone and is all in good humor, everyone is different and the world needs that.

1. I analyze everything

This is seriously true, I will analyze anything that does or does not move. My favorite things to pull apart are people and brain functions/responses.15373800

2.I don’t get emotions

Going off the last number, I can analyze anything and can make educated guesses at what people are feeling, but I usually have to think about it. Because of this, I’ve been (accidentally) insensitive and people got upset (I did picked up on that pretty quickly). Don’t get confused, I have emotions and feel them. I understand emotions and why they’re there, and I think they’re necessary and important, but I just don’t get them.tumblr_ndtzdexmlg1qm73ogo1_250

3. I don’t have very many friends

I’m not saying INTJs don’t have friends, but they tend to have only a few close people. I have so few, I can count them on one hand (not including my sister) and they’re all at my youth group. This doesn’t bother me though, I prefer it. It makes it a lot easier to remember everyone’s birthdays!tumblr_lwmxxfqrwt1qh7bico1_250

4. People drain me horribly

I have a higher tolerance for people than my INTP sister Alyssa, but people drain me. Different people drain me at different speeds. Let me try to give a visual. Imagine people constantly giving, taking, exchanging energy. Introvert’s mostly give, but don’t really take any back. Now the extraverts mostly take, but still give some. If you only have a limited amount of energy when you start, after a while, the introverts will be sucked dry, but the extraverts will have more than they started with. That’s how it feels. I have a deeper reservoir than Alyssa, but it takes me longer to fill it back up (after the holidays, it can take me a month or more to be back to normal). When I’m drained, I get sarcastic, rude, and somewhat aggressive, so it’s in everyone’s best interest that I take a break and some space before I get to that point.giphy

5. People confuse/irritate me

I’m a normally pretty logical person (for a flawed human) and most of the human species isn’t always quite as much, they prefer to rely on emotions more, which isn’t a bad thing, but it confuses me. I can see where this is a fault of mine, but I’m just different. This is a very steep slope for me, if I get confused by people or if I get drained, I get irritated, which then makes me more confused and drained, and so forth.tumblr_inline_nv3fnvqolo1rg939h_500

6.Socializing isn’t my strong suit

Connected to all the rest of these, I’m really not good at socializing. I have a weird sense of humor very few get (thank you God for the few at youth group) and most people are too ‘soft’ or immature for me, so I never really learn great socializing skills, and honestly I find most people slightly boring and hard to connect with. However, I do still like to learn something from everyone and —within reason, hearing their opinions and perspectives.d5c6b56b678cd88617091fde24c2d413

7. I catch on to thing quickly

If I want to learn something, I usually can really quickly. I even think that if I really wanted, I could pick up sports (one of the most confusing things I can think of). I love that ability, but the downside is, I rarely have to put a lot of effort into anything, which means that I have a harder time with persistence and I don’t love that.tumblr_inline_n1fqxzvqiv1qjjzql

8. I’m smart

Again, I’m not saying all or only INTJs are smart. Absolutely not true. But most are on the more intelligent side. I’m nowhere near a genius, but I am smart and know a lot of stuff —generally weird, random stuff. My whole family is smart and our humor shows it (we make a lot of sciencey and sarcastic jokes).200_s

Do you like this list? Hate it? Do you know your MBTI? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “8 Ways I’m Similar to INTJ stereotypes

Add yours

  1. On not being a lot like your personality type, I’m an E/INFP and while I’m a decently emotional I am very calculating and analyzing about my emotions. And I’m very emotional inwardly but not that much outwardly. Stuff doesn’t really phase me that much. My mom has been known to finally just throw her arms up and go “You don’t need to understand EXACTLY why you feel like that.” “But I do, Mom, I really do.” And I’m a Slytherin ENFP, which is pretty unheard of, apparently?


  2. I don’t really get phased by stuff either, probably because I think through everything and analyze choices as much as I can. I can make decisions with emotions, but it doesn’t normally turn out as well so I don’t like to. I’m pretty sure my mom has said the same thing before, she just wants me to feel it (“but why do I feel it?”). My sister (the one I mentioned in the post) is a Slytherin, which fits her pretty well, but I wouldn’t think of my friend, who is an ENFP, as one (it’s actually a kind of funny thought!). That’s really cool that you are! I just don’t have enough ambition to cut it… 🙂


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