Since I already wrote a post about how I’m not like INTJ stereotypes, now I’m writing how I am like other INTJs.

Note: This is not meant to be offensive to anyone and is all in good humor, everyone is different and the world needs that.

1. I analyze everything

This is seriously true, I will analyze anything that does or does not move. My favorite things to pull apart are people and brain functions/responses.15373800

2.I don’t get emotions

Going off the last number, I can analyze anything and can make educated guesses at what people are feeling, but I usually have to think about it. Because of this, I’ve been (accidentally) insensitive and people got upset (I did picked up on that pretty quickly). Don’t get confused, I have emotions and feel them. I understand emotions and why they’re there, and I think they’re necessary and important, but I just don’t get them.tumblr_ndtzdexmlg1qm73ogo1_250

3. I don’t have very many friends

I’m not saying INTJs don’t have friends, but they tend to have only a few close people. I have so few, I can count them on one hand (not including my sister) and they’re all at my youth group. This doesn’t bother me though, I prefer it. It makes it a lot easier to remember everyone’s birthdays!tumblr_lwmxxfqrwt1qh7bico1_250

4. People drain me horribly

I have a higher tolerance for people than my INTP sister Alyssa I mentioned, but people drain me. Different people drain me at different speeds. Let me try to give a visual. Imagine people constantly giving, taking, exchanging energy. Introvert’s mostly give, but only take a small portion back. Now the extraverts mostly take, but still give some. If you only have a limited amount of energy when you start, after a while, the introverts will be sucked dry, but the extraverts will have more than they started with. That’s how it feels. I have a deeper reservoir than Alyssa, but it takes me longer to fill it back up (after the holidays, it can take me a month or more to be back to normal). When I’m drained, I get sarcastic, rude, and somewhat aggressive, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to give me a break and some space before I get to that point.giphy

5. People confuse/irritate me

I’m a pretty logical person (for a flawed human) and most of the human species isn’t quite as much, and they rely on emotions more, which isn’t always a bad thing, but it confuses me. I can see where this is a fault for me (not responding to emotions), so I don’t mean this to be condescending, just different. This is a very steep slope for me, if I get confused by people or if I get drained, I get irritated, which then makes me more confused and drained, and so forth.tumblr_inline_nv3fnvqolo1rg939h_500

6.Socializing isn’t my strong suit

Connected to all the rest of these, I’m really not good at socializing. I have a weird sense of humor very few get (thank you God for the few at youth group) and most people are too soft and immature for me, so I never really learn great socializing skills, and honestly I find most people boring.d5c6b56b678cd88617091fde24c2d413

7. I catch on to thing quickly

If I want to learn something, I usually can really quickly. I even think that if I really wanted, I could pick up sports (they confuse me greatly). I love that ability, but the downside is, I rarely have to put a lot of effort into anything, which leaves gaps in my character that I don’t love.tumblr_inline_n1fqxzvqiv1qjjzql

8. I’m smart

Again, I’m not saying all INTJs are smart, or that you have to be an INTJ to be smart (definitely not). They just usually are. As I said in my other post, I’m not a genius, but I am smart and know a lot of stuff (generally weird). Our whole family is smart and our humor shows it (we make a sciencey and sarcastic jokes).200_s

Do you like this list? Hate it? Do you know your MBTI? Let me know!