Image result for supernatural it's the holidays gifSo, since Thanksgiving just happened (and because I didn’t have any other ideas), I thought, why not have a holidays pros and cons list. See if you agree!

1. Pro

You get to see all your extended family-especially those cousins that you really like, but are always too busy with sports to visit.

1. Con

You have to visit with all your extroverted family in a small, limited space, asking ‘how’s school?’ How am I supposed to respond to that?! Do you really want to know? What does that even mean?!  (and that one single aunt who always asks if you’ve met someone special yet, and when you say no, tries to set you up with some guy she met on a mission trip that would ‘be perfect for you!’. We have one of those…).Image result for supernatural these people gif

2. Pro

All the decorations, movies, and music. I love Christmas music, decorating the tree, and seeing all the Christmas lights. It brings up good memories.

2. Con

All the decorations, movies, and music. I can only take so much! I really don’t like Hallmark movies, which seem to be all my mom, cousins, and aunts want to watch. What about action movies with explosions? Let’s go!Image result for supernatural hallmark gif

3. Pro

Presents and food are always great. My grandma is an amazing cook (her mashed potatoes and noodles are legendary)! I love getting books as presents instead of having to buy all them myself.

3. Con

Presents and food easily get to be too much. I’m not a gift kind of person, so I’m not all into presents, and with six kids and two dogs, the gifts pile up big time (and we don’t have anywhere to put them). Leftovers. Sooo many leftovers. Enough leftovers to last until two weeks into the next year.Image result for supernatural leftovers gif

4. Pro

The snow and cold are a pro. The snow is awesome and one of the best things about the holidays. You need cold for snow, so cold is good too.

4. Con

People complaining about the cold and snow are all I can think of for a negative.Image result for supernatural it's freezing gif

Do you disagree with this? Agree? Hate the cold? Tell me if you have any ideas for more Saturday posts!