These are in no particular order, and some I haven’t watched in years. Here we go!

1. Bones

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I love crime shows and I love science, so the team in the lab is wonderfully entertaining (as long as I’m aware of who is in the room, some people here get sick at the sight of blood…). I feel a connection which Bones through how people are all very illogical creatures.

2. Person of Interest

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As aforementioned, I like crime. Add some action (and some Shaw or Root doesn’t hurt), and it’s good. I haven’t had enough time to start the next season on Netflix.

3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

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Yet another action series. I love Marvel (DC is good, too). I love the Avengers, Thor, Captain America, all of them-with the exception of the new FF. Our whole family really ships FitzSimmons (it’s the only thing that can challenge Percabeth).

4. Supernatural

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Let me just start off with saying, I’m only about half way through season two (no spoilers!). The relationship between the brothers really draws me in-and the monsters.

5. Doctor Who

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This is a show with a really broad audience. I mean, the show has been around longer than my parents and is still gaining speed! That is impressive! Tennant is my favorite Doctor, but they all are amazing and each bring their own flavor that makes the Doctor, the Doctor.

6. Sherlock

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Obviously you can’t just have two of the SuperWhoLock (unless you were really against one I guess), you have to complete the whole gang! I love Sherlock Holmes stories, retellings, theories, etc. He (only in some areas) was one of my role models/inspirations growing up, how he noticed everything and solves crime… it’s incredible. …And it has Martin Freeman, who is in the Hobbit.

7. The Flash

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A science-y, geek/nerd who gets super powers? Of course! Barry is just awkadorkable (you know, a mix of awkward, adorable, and dorky). The team is perfect (almost makes me want to go socialize more… almost). Cisco will forever have a special place in my heart. Bonus: Tom Felton is in the new season!

8. Merlin

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This is one of those that leaves me with a nostalgic feeling. Similar to Sherlock, King Arthur stories have always fascinated me. It was an interesting take, with Arthur as a spoiled jerk. I loved Morgana and Merlin (plus… Dragon!).

9. Avatar: The Last Airbender

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I personally don’t watch many cartoons, and don’t care for anime (I do have friends that love those things though), but Avatar makes the list. Seeing Aang’s transformation throughout the series is really cool (and a little sad) to see. We just went back and watched the first few episodes with our dad, and to see them at the beginning when they were all still kids was heartbreaking (both good and bad). Aang, Appa, and Zuko are my favorites.

Do you like any of these shows? SuperWhoLock (props to you for hanging with Sherlock)? Do you have any suggestions?